Participatory Budget

A digital citizen participation tool that allows governments and institutions to consult on different public policies, enabling citizens to comment, vote, rank, choose between option, or establish degrees of valuation in public matters.


Open coding

Easy to install



Citizen proposal

Feasibility analysis


Publication of results

Execution tracking


  • Allows the team to adapt the platform to local needs by defining the segmentation in districts, the coexistence of one or more budget items, the number of votes per user, the existence of special sponsors, whether or not the platform is integrated with a classroom electoral device, etc.

Citizen proposal

  • Open to citizenship in a specific area.
  • Encourages the involvement of citizens in the development of public policies on a given budget.
  • Comments: Interration - debate.
  • Possibility of sharing in social networks.

Feasibility analysis of proposals

  • Criteria previously prescribed.
  • Criteria informed to participating citizens clearly.
  • Communication With authors for improvement of proposals.
  • Communication of opinion of feasibility.

Vote on proposals

  • Open to citizens of a specific region/area.
  • Foment participation and commitment.
  • It promotes transparency.
  • Binding citizen participation.

Publication of results.

  • Publication of winning projects.
  • Publication of statistics.
  • Notification of the authors of the winning proposals.
  • Notifies citizens in general.

Monitoring the execution of projects

  • Established committees by the government/actor that opens up the participatory process.
  • Transparency the implementation process.
  • Builds trust.
  • Strengthens the link between citizenship and the actor that opens the process.

Three different ways to implement our products:

D.I.Y Do It Yourself

Every Democracy OS product is open source and has a GPL - v.3 licence. This means that the product can be installed according to your own necessities for free.

  • Development team.
  • Server.
  • Management team.

Standard installation

Our software team carry out the installation of the platform on your server.

  • Complete our requirement form
  • Management team.
  • Standard budget: USD 2.500

Custom installation

New tailored version. We can customize it with our dev team and assist the project managers.

  • Complete our requirement form.
  • Management team.
  • Ask for a budget