Crowd Law Making

A digital tool that opens up dialogue and makes the process of drafting norms transparent, where representatives consider the laws to be drawn up, inviting them to leave their contributions.


Open coding

Easy to install


High bills

Explanation of the project

Support projects



Law Enforcement

  • Transparent assembly of bill.
  • Functions as a legislative.
  • Involves citizens.

Project Explanation

  • Clear and simple language expected .
  • Allows the inclusion of informative videos.
  • Serves as a knowledge leveler.

Support projects

  • Choice of preferred agendas .
  • Send news notifications.
  • Keep citizens informed.

Contributions to the bill

  • Encourages citizen participation to build better laws.
  • Open space dialogue between citizens and their representatives.
  • Implies commitments by representatives.


  • Transparency in legislative activity.
  • Allows a clear follow-up of the changes made.
  • Demonstrates that citizens' contributions are effectively incorporated.

Three different ways to implement our products:

D.I.Y Do It Yourself

Every Democracy OS product is open source and has a GPL - v.3 licence. This means that the product can be installed according to your own necessities for free.

  • Development team.
  • Server.
  • Management team.

Standard installation

Our software team carry out the installation of the platform on your server.

  • Complete our requirement form
  • Management team.
  • Standard budget: USD 2.500

Custom installation

New tailored version. We can customize it with our dev team and assist the project managers.

  • Complete our requirement form.
  • Management team.
  • Ask for a budget